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Believe in Youth Foundation is a non profit organisation, with the goal of developing, uplifting and mentoring the youth (1) of South Africa through tutoring in education, sports, arts, leadership and personal development.

Our main focus is to attempt to bridge the gap between the youth in ‘No-fee’ Schools (2) and those in Public Schools (3), by creating more equal opportunities for the learners in the no-fee schools.

BiY Foundation supports these schools academically, financially, physically and emotionally in order to enable them to provide better opportunities for their own learners. In the long run this will contribute towards sustained economic growth, job creation and building a better future for our beautiful country, South Africa.

(1) Youth : Children from Gr. RRR - Gr 12 and students.
No fee schools : Schools where no school fees are paid as determined by government, based on the economic level of the community around the school.
Public Schools : Schools controlled by a governing body which consists of parents of learners and school fees are compulsory.

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Believe in youth foundation is registered with the Department of Social Development as a non-profit organization (NPO/NGO) and is a SARS approved organization (PBO) and donations to the organization will be tax deductable.

PBO nr : 930054819
NPO/NGO registration nr :
181 – 466 NPO
SARS income tax reference nr :

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For more information, please contact :

Leon Smit - 074 792 1988

Email : leonsmit@biyfoundation.co.za

facebook-logo : https://www.facebook.com/biyfoundation/

Website :

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