1 : Eersterus Secondary School

BiY foundation has been working in Eersterus for more than 3 years, tutoring the youth and researching youth development opportunities there and in the surrounding areas. The need in Eersterus was much greater than we originally anticipated and therefore we connected with Eersterus Secondary School, and have been at work there from 2014.

Mathematics extra classes – (Currently running)
Statistics from independent studies have shown that South Africa is in the bottom 3 countries in the world when it comes to Maths and Science regarding our educational system. Every year the most Mathematics “failures” come from Gr. 9. For this reason, we launched free extra Mathematics tutoring after the normal school day for Gr. 9’s in 2015. We have expanded in such a way, that we now give free extra classes once a week for Gr. 8 - 10 learners.

We have expanded over the next 2 years that by end of 2017 we where providing extra mathematics tuition once a week for grade 8 to grade 11. But unfortunately with the withdrawal of our main sponsor we where forced to stop our mathematics tuition end of 2017. But by middle 2018 we have raised new funds to restart the grade 8 and 9 mathematics once a week. Grade 9’s by February 2018 and grade 8’s by May 2018. And we are on track to restart great 10’s mathematics tuition by end of July 2018. But with your donation we can fast track the process and restart grade 10 and 11 mathematics tuition and still add tuition for grade 12 learner’s as well in the 3
rd term of 2018, which was the original goal for 2018.

Over the course of the first year, we have experienced an average of 15% improvement in mathematics grades for those learners who attended the extra maths classes regularly, therefore we believe in our proven mathematics projects. Most learners moved from a failing mid 30% mark to marks between mid 40% and low 50%, which meant that they passed. This not only helped them academically but gave the teenagers self belief and self respect.

BiY foundation sees education as the cornerstone of every teenager’s upbringing, but believes that one needs to exercise and play as well, taking care of mind and body.

Sport clinics - (Currently on hold)
We started a sports appreciation project at the school in 2016. The school doesn’t have the necessary funds to provide sports found in public schools, such as athletics, soccer, rugby, netball, hockey and cricket.

In 2016, after the athletics season, during which no athletics was done or coached at the school, we started a minor soccer and netball clinic at the school. For the rest of 2016 we continued this clinic with practise twice a week for both soccer and netball and by the end of 2016 had enough learners participating to have teams for the 2017 season. However, we still lack the necessary equipment to compete against the neighbouring schools during 2017 season.

In 2017 we struggled, but actually had athletics; the school competed twice against other schools. However, having only one spear, one shot put, one discus, two high jump mattresses without poles and no official sport uniform made the 2017 athletics season quite a challenge.

The soccer and netball clinics continued in 2017 and there were more than 50 boys and 35 girls attending at end of 2017. But unfortunately we had to put these clinics on hold in 2018 due to lack of funds...
Your donation can restart these important and needed clinics in 2018.

Music school – (Currently on hold)
As mentioned above we cannot just take care of mind and body but we have to acknowledge the soul as well. For this reason, we are planning to broaden our development work with an arts project.

We were set to start the music school in January 2018 after we received a donation of 8 guitars from oosthavens music ltd in 2017. But our lack of funds forced us to put this too on hold. However we have raised new funds and we are on track to start the free guitar lessons/classes July 2018. We still need more donation for the rest of our arts project.

2 : Educare centre - (Currently on hold)

BiY foundation not only wants to develop South Africa’s teenage youth, but we want to try and help breech the gap between public and 'no fee' school learners from an early age. Nowadays, kids start school at a very young age: pre-schools start with Gr. RRR, then Gr. RR and primary schools start with Gr. R before going to Gr. 1.

By the time a public school learner starts Gr. 1, they have learned to write their name and count to 20 to name but a few skills, while ‘no fee’ school learners don’t have this privilege. They only start their education when they go to Gr. 1, creating a serious education gap between privileged and underprivileged children, which puts these learners at a disadvantage from a young age.

BiY foundation wants to try and bridge this gap with educare centres: pre-schools without school fees where the kids can get basic educational skills before they attend Gr. 1.

BiY foundation had a premises, teacher, assistant and kitchen cook and was set to open our 1
st Educare centre on 10 April 2018 but the unfortunate withdrawal of the financial support from the church in Meyerspark, caused a serious lack of funds and forced us to put the Educare centre on hold. We are currently in negotiations with 2 companies to try and raise the necessary funds to open our Educare centre, but your donation can help us reach this goal sooner.

Community Soup Kitchen – (On hold)
BiY foundation was planning on opening a community soup kitchen on the same premises as the Educare centre to provide the necessary food for pre schoolers at Educare centre, but also lunch packs for high school students that doesn’t have and food for families in the community that needed. But for now the community soup kitchen is also on hold while we raise new funds.

Knitting centre – (Future endeavour)
We also dream to start a knitting centre to teach unemployed mothers, within the community, to sew and knit. Our aim would be to employ them to make clothes that we can use in Eersterus Secondary School for sport, etc. or to mend torn or damaged school uniforms and make clothes to supply the community.

In the more distant future BiY plans to spread its wings to the 'no fee' primary school in Eersterus and implement our tutoring programs there as well.

Our ultimate aim is to duplicate the BiY community development model to other areas where similar socio-economic challenges exist which hamper the youth from living their potential. Two such areas have already been identified in Mamelodi and Wolmer as people from those communities that heard what BiY foundation was doing in Eersterust and contacted is requesting to duplicate what do in Eersterust there as well.
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