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Believe in youth foundation was founded November 2016, after Leon Smit and Awie v Zyl started a small scale community upliftment project in Eersterus with the help of a church in Meyerspark in 2014.

The Meyerspark church asked Leon in 2014 to do a survey of youth work in meyerspark area and after seeing how little was being done for the youth of Eersterus, we couldn't leave things the way they were. After more than a year of relationship building and earning trust, we were finally allowed to start our work at Eersterus secondary school.

We started out in April of 2015 with extra math classes for grade 9 learners once a week which grew to extra mathematics tuition once a week for grade 8 to grade 11 by end of 2017. We also started a rugby clinic in 2015 but after one term we realized that more of the students wanted to play soccer. So in the second term of 2016 we started a soccer (boys) and netball (girls) clinic for grade 8 and 9 learners. And had more than 50 boys and girls attending end 2017.

Unfortunately the church in Meyerspark stopped their support of BiY Foundation in November 2017. And in 2018 instead of growing and expanding our work with our Educare centre that was scheduled to open in April 2018, music school starting 1
st term 2018, sports clinics expanding to grade 10 and 11 and maths tuition expanding to grade 12, we've been struggling to stay afloat and currently unfortunately can only fund mathematics tuition for grade 8 and grade 9 and was forced for the time being to put all other projects on hold due to lack of funds.

Your donation can turn this story around in 2018, so that we can restart all the projects that are currently on hold and expand and start the new projects that was scheduled for 2018.

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June 2018 - Grade 9 maths tuition
Our mathematics extra classes got so popular that we have grade 9’s form 2 neighbouring schools that started attending. And we have 6 gr 5 and 6 learners from the neighbouring primary school that came to the extra classes and asked if we can please help them with mathematics as well.

April 2018 - Grade 9 math tuition
The two weeks before exams was so popular our usual 20 to 30 learners per class was out done and we had more than 50 learners attending and the learners had to sit two-two at a table.

May 2017 - Grade 9 maths tuition
While I was handing out the lunch packs at the start of maths tuition, the one boy was very excited and enthusiastically thanked me for the food. The other kids started to laugh as one of the girls said: “ag Jerome, jy is net hier vir die “free food”.” (Ah, Jerome, you are just here for the free food.) He dropped his head and was silent for about 10 seconds. He then looked up at me and with a sense of accomplishments said: “ja, sy's reg oom. Ek het net gekom vir die “free food”. Maar weet oom wat, nou pass ek my wiskunde ook.” (yes sir, she’s right. I came for the free food. But you know what sir, now I also pass my maths.)

October 2016 - Soccer clinic
After the success of the netball match that 2 teachers at the school organised, one of the male teachers was inspired and organised a seven aside soccer day for the boys in the school. 13 teams entered from grade 8 – 12 of which 2 of the teams consisted of grade 8 and 9 boys attending our soccer clinic. Unfortunately it was on a Saturday that I was out of town and could not attend but I was told that the one team placed 3
rd for the day and the boys had lots of fun.

September 2016 - Grade 8 & 9
Netball clinic

The girls were very excited because two of the teachers heard about and followed the progress of the netball clinic. They were so impressed with the grade 8 and 9 girls dedication that they put together a team, of girls in grade 10 and grade 11 to play a friendly match against the girls attending the clinic, when they heard we are only training and not playing matches yet. And although the older girls won by 5 goals, 19 - 14 the grade 8 and 9 girls gave them a run for their money and our netball clinic grew with more than 10 new grade 8 and 9 girls that wanted to join after attending the match as spectators.

August 2016 - Grade 9 maths tuition
I was talking to the grade 9 maths teacher at the school, when one of the boys walked by us, stopped turned around and walked past us again stopped turned around again and walked past us again. When he did this for a third time, I stopped the teacher and asked if we can help him. He said: “ek wil gou vir oom iets se.” (I just want to talk to you sir.) I replied OK. And then he said overflowing with pride: “oom ek het die eerste kwartaal my wiskunde gedruip, ek het net 33% gekry. Toe kom ek die 2de kwartaal elke week na die ekstra wiskunde klas. En nou het 57% gekry, ek het nog nooit wiskunde deur gekom nie. My pa kon dit nie glo nie. (Sir, I did not pass my maths the first term, I got got 33%. But then I attended all the extra math classes during the second term and got 57%. I've never passed maths, my dad couldn't believe it.)

PS: at the end of 2017 he had a mark of 71% for grade 10 maths. From 33% beginning of grade 9 to 71% at the end of grade 10. 38% increase in just 2 years. Just imagine what this did for this young mans self esteem and how it can change his future possibilities.

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